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Our Commitments

We are Committed to Scripture

Taking the Scriptures verse by verse, book by book, expounding the Word of God to His glory and our edification. Growing till He comes or we go to be with Him, in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Being dedicated to the reading of Scripture personally as believers, that we individually may be grounded in the knowledge of God, that we personally may be prepared for service to each other and to the world.

We are committed to Biblical Theology

Creating an atmosphere of reading, asking and listening, to understand God and His ways; discussing the things of God on a regular basis as to grow in a deeper appreciation of Him; letting the Scriptures shape what we know and come to understand regarding Him and Truth.

We are committed to the clarity of the Gospel

It is essential that conversion is understood clearly, that is faith and repentance, are necessary, not secondary; that, justification is understood as the very act of God through Jesus Christ bringing the sinner into right relationship to Him; that, sanctification is the progression of maturity in the knowledge of Jesus Christ, and the Christian walk; that, glorification is that final result of the work of God by which we are brought into a final state of sinlessness.

We are committed to Godly character

That a character of godliness is essential to Christian witness and life by which love is genuinely expressed in the pursuit of God and others; humility in life and personality, not false piety, is a quality to be truly pursued by the Believer.  


We are committed to Faithful Evangelism

Proclaiming the gospel through personal relationships, whether family, friends, or relationships made through our careers or professional associations. Proclaiming the gospel through missions is encouraged and supported individually and corporately.

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