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“Shall we receive good from God and not evil? (Job 2:10). Our memory of God’s goodness is too easily forgotten by a moment of trial, difficulty or pain. When we are attacked by pain and ill health, we forget all the days of good health and strength. We are so prone to dwell on the negative effects of life and forget that the goodness of God outweighs those times. We, rightfully so, grieve over the loss of a loved one but are likely to forget all the days and years God loaned them to us. Job 1:21 states, “The LORD gave, and the LORD has taken away; blessed be the name of the LORD.” Job could bless the Lord because he was focused on the giving not just the taking. He was focused on the truth that God was the owner who gave and thus has the right to take away. We too should bless and giving and taking God. We dwell too much in the present. We blot out the happiness of the past, and we look with dread on the unknown future. We dwell on the trouble of the present and forget the Lord’s mercy. I, like many of you, am growing old and more feeble. We cannot do what we once did. But bless the Lord for all the years of vigor and strength we did have. Our minds grow more feeble, but thank God there was a time when we could serve Him without fatigue. Maybe you are struggling financially, and you are afraid of the lack of funds. Be grateful that you have had enough for many, many years. Do not let memory fail because of the present trying and difficult circumstances. Ask God to help you in your present situation and to send racing quickly to your memory how good He has been to you all the days of your life.

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