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Believing in God’s grace and goodness is easy when looking a past and future trials, but to rest in that grace during a trial of “now” requires true faith. Dear child of God, grace is enough right now. Don’t say that this a new trial, one that has never been seen of known before; or at least by you. If you feel that way, just remember His grace is always new. Remember that thought the trial may be different and new to you, blessings of God are provided to meet your strange trial. Don’t be fearful because the thorn in the flesh is so mysterious (2 Cor. 12:7), just remember that grace is mysterious too.

This very moment and in every moment that will ever exist between now and glory, God’s grace will be enough. Notice there are no limitations listed with the declaration of God’s sufficiency. Jesus Christ is enough to uphold, strengthen, comfort, make troubles useful, enable you to triumph, to bring you out of innumerable trials and sufficient to bring you home to Him in Heaven.

What ever is good, God’s grace can grant it. Whatever would harm you, His grace can block it. Whatever you need, His grace is sufficient to supply, for it is for your good. Whatever you would avoid, His grace can build a wall around you, if that is what He determines is best for you.

I am glad God’s sufficiency is so great that words fail to adequately express it. If you could define it then it would finite. Since we can’t define it, that shows God’s grace to be inexhaustible. Our needs and demands can never be too great.

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